Big Data Workloads Are More Efficient on Bare Metal

Here at INAP, we believe in empowering our customers through high-performance, innovative IT infrastructure solutions. Our passion lies in providing products to support your continued success. Don’t just take our word for it though.

Recently, our bare metal solution was featured in Cloud Spectator’s Price-Performance Analysis for big data workload reports. The conclusion was clear: INAP Bare Metal performed best for both performance and price-performance against AWS and IBM Cloud.

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Disclaimer:  This report was commissioned and paid for by INAP.

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Cloud Spectator Finds INAP Bare Metal Wins Out Over AWS & IBM Cloud

Cloud Spectator has been delivering unbiased reporting and consulting since 2011. Monitoring many of the larger IaaS providers on a global scale, the firm regularly provides price and performance comparisons between industry competitors. INAP recently asked Cloud Spectator to compare our Bare Metal services, running Aerospike and Hadoop, against two well-known industry titans, Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud. The testing found that INAP’s Bare Metal offered up to 4.6-times better price-performance.

What Makes INAP Bare Metal So Special?

  • Achieve performance and scalability requirements with fewer servers, resulting in cost efficiency.
  • Meet changing capacity needs by provisioning servers in minutes and managing instances via CLI, API or portal.
  • Mix and match bare metal with virtual cloud, colocation and other hosting environments via a common portal and API.



  • Access the latest generation of NVMe storage technology which offers significantly higher IOPS for your most demanding applications.
  • Unique single bucket IP lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments.
  • Each account includes up to 10 VLANs and NIC bonding for improved network isolation, security and redundancy.



The INAP Difference


Smart businesses are asking trusted technical advisors to help with a strategic transition to colocation, managed cloud and remote infrastructure solutions. And the reason is simple: The shift away from on-premise management delivers value by allowing internal IT talent to focus on growth and innovation.

INAP is the leading provider of high-performance data center services including colocation, cloud and network. With 56 primarily Tier 3 data centers in 21 metropolitan markets and 99 POPs around the world, we are where you need us to be with a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Partner with us and together we'll create secure, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure solutions that meet your unique business requirements.




Get the Cloud Spectator report and see for yourself.